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Instruções de Operação JVC, Modelo XV-BP10

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Media for playback and setting of the unit. 1. Press HOME and the [Home Menu] appears. Insert/Remove a USB Flash Drive USB Flash Drive Inserting a USB Flash Drive Insert straight-in until it fits into place. Removing a USB Flash Drive Withdraw the USB Flash Drive carefully. Notes: • This unit supports only USB Flash Drive with FAT16 or FAT32 format. • Do not extract the USB Flash Drive during operation (play, etc.). • A USB Flash Drive which requires additional program installation when you have connected it to a computer is not supported. • USB Flash Drive: USB Flash Drive that support USB1.1 and USB2.0. • Music files (MP3/WMA) and photo files (JPEG/PNG) can be played. For details of operations on each file, refer to relevant pages. • Regular back up is recommended to prevent data loss. • If you use a Card Reader, USB extension cable or USB HUB, the USB Flash Drive may not be recognized. • Some USB Flash Drives may not work with this unit. • Digital camera and mobile phone are not supported. • USB Port of the unit cannot be connected to PC. The unit cannot be used as a storage device. • When take off an active device connecting to USB port, please take it off after switching off the unit. • When connecting with a USB cable, use the USB 2.0 cable those length is less than 1 m. Using the USB Flash Drive 1. Connect a USB Flash Drive. 2. Press HOME on the Remote Control. 3. Select [Music] or [Photo] option then press ENTER. 4. Select [USB] then press ENTER. [MUSIC] or [PHOTO] menu appears. Details for the menu are on pages 27-28. 2. Use b / B to select the desired option then press ENTER. [Movie] – Start video media’s playback or displays the [MOVIE] menu. [Photo] – Displays [PHOTO] menu. (page 28) [Music] – Displays [MUSIC] menu. (page 27) [Setup] – Displays [Setup] menu. (page 17) Note: When a disc and USB Flash Drive have the contents, it can choose those menus. About Setup menu: Menus Buttons Operations Moves the cursor. Activates the selected item. Closes the menu. Tip: If you select the [Photo] or [Music] option when a USB Flash Drive is connected and a disc is inserted simultaneously, the menu for selecting a media will appear. Select a media then press ENTER. For example: Note: The unit will be in stop mode then the [Home Menu] will appear if you press HOME during playback. 10 BD320-JN_BUSAJJK_OM_ENG 8/31/09 12:16 PM Page 11 Introduction 11 a1/' (STANDBY/ON) Button Switches the unit ON or OFF. bDisc Tray Insert a disc here. cZ (OPEN/CLOSE) Opens or closes the disc tray. dDisplay Window Shows the current status of the player. eRemote Sensor Point the Remote Control here. fUSB Port Connect a USB Flash Drive. gN / X (PLAY / PAUSE) Starts playback. Pause playback temporarily, press again to exit pause mode. hx (STOP) Stops playback. i. / > (SKIP) Go to next or previous file/track/chapter. Front Panel abcdefghiRear Panel aAC Power Cord Plug into the power source. bHDMI OUT (Type A) Connect to TV with HDMI inputs. (Interface for digital audio and video) cVIDEO OUT Connect to a TV with video inputs. dDIGITAL AUDIO OUT (COAXIAL) Connect to digital (coaxial) audio equipment. e2CH AUDIO OUT (Left/Right) Connect to a TV with 2 channel audio inputs. abcde BD320-JN_BUSAJJK_OM_ENG 8/31/09 12:16 PM Page 12 Remote Control abcd • • • • • • • • • • a • • • • • • • • • STANDBY/ON (1/'): Switches the player ON or OFF. RESOLUTION: Sets the output resolution for HDMI OUT jack. : This button is not available. OPEN/CLOSE (Z): Opens and closes the disc tray. 0-9 numerical buttons: Select numbered options in a menu. CLEAR: Removes a mark on the search menu or a number when setting the password. JVC TV Control Buttons: • TV STANDBY/ON (1/'): Turn the TV on or off. • INPUT: Switch the TV’s input source between the TV and other input sources. • CH (+/-): Scan up or down through memorized channels. • VOL (+/-): Adjust the volume of the TV. • MUTING: Temporarily turns TV sound OFF, press again to restore. • • • • • • • • • • b • • • • • • • • • m / M (SCAN): Search backward or forward. . / > (SKIP): Go to next or previous chapter / track / file. X (PAUSE/STEP): Pauses playback. N (PLAY): Starts playback. x (STOP): Stops playback. • • • • • • • • • • c • • • • • • • • • HOME: Displays or exits the [Home Menu]. DISC MENU: Accesses menu on a disc. Direction buttons: Select an option in the menu. ENTER ( ): Acknowledges menu selection. RETURN (O): Exits or closes the menu, or resumes playback. The resume play function may work depending on the BD-ROM disc. DISPLAY: Displays or exits On- Screen Display. AUDIO: Selects an audio language or audio channel. SUBTITLE: Selects a subtitle language. SUBTITLE ON/OFF: Switches the subtitle on or off. TITLE/POP-UP: Displays the DVD title menu or BD-ROM’s popup menu, if available. • • • • • • • • • • d • • • • • • • • • Color (R, G, B, Y) buttons: Use to navigate BD-ROM menus. They are also used for [MOVIE], [PHOTO] and [MUSIC] menu. MARKER: Marks any point during playback. SEARCH: Displays or e...

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