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Instruções de Operação Breitling, Modelo 5086

Fabricante : Breitling
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•The configuration of your watch may differ somewhat from that shown in the illustration. To Set Time and Day Setting day 1. Pull the crown out to the first click. 2. Set the day by turning the crown. 3. Push the crown in to the normal position. Setting time 1. Pull the crown out to the second click when the second hand is at 12 o’clock position and the second hand stops. 2. Set the hands by turning the crown. 3. In accordance with a time signal, push the crown in. 24-hour hand The 24-hour hand indicates the current hour of the day, making one complete rotation every 24 hours. First click (Setting day) Second click (Setting time) Crown (Normal position) Day 24-hour hand . Do not change the day setting between 9:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. If you do, the day indication may not change at midnight the next day. . For a watch with an elapsed time bezel Rotate the elapsed time bezel to align the mark with the minute hand. After certain amount of time elapsed, read the graduation on the elapsed time bezel which the minute hand points to. The elapsed time is indicated. 50 40 30 20 10 Elapsed time bezel • Some water resistant models are equipped with a screw lock crown. • With such models, you must unscrew the crown in the direction noted in the illustration to loosen it before you can pull it out. Do not pull too forcibly on such crowns. • Also note that such watches are not water resistant while their crowns are loosened. Be sure to screw the crowns back in as far as they will go after making any setting. Specifications Accuracy at normal temperature: ± 20 seconds per month Battery type: SR621SW Battery life: Approx. 3 years Operating Precautions Water Resistance • The following applies to watches with WATER RESIST or WATER RESISTANT marked on the back cover. Water Resistance Under Daily Use Enhanced Water Resistance Under Daily Use 5 Atmospheres 10 Atmospheres 20 Atmospheres Marking On watch front or on back cover No BAR mark 5BAR 10BAR 20BAR Example of Daily Use Hand washing, rain Yes Yes Yes Yes Water-related work, swimming No Yes Yes Yes Windsurfing No No Yes Yes Skin diving No No Yes Yes • Do not use this watch for scuba diving or other types of diving that requires air tanks. • Watches that do not have WATER RESIST or WATER RESISTANT marked on the back cover are not protected against the effects of sweat. Avoid using such a watch under conditions where it will be exposed to large amounts of sweat or moisture, or to direct splashing with water. • Even if a watch is water-resistant, do not operate its buttons or crown while it is submersed in water or wet. • Even if a watch is water-resistant, avoid wearing it in the bath or in areas where detergents (soap, shampoo, etc.) are being used. Such conditions can reduce water resistance. • After submersion in seawater, use plain water to rinse all salt and dirt from the watch. • In order to maintain water resistance, have the gaskets of your watch replace periodically (about once every two or three years). • A trained technician will know how to check your watch for proper water resistance whenever you have its battery replaced. Battery replacement requires the use of special tools. Always request battery replacement from your original retailer or from an authorized CASIO Service Center. • Some water-resistant watches come with fashionable leather bands. Avoid swimming, washing, or any other activity that causes direct exposure of a leather band to water. • The inside surface of the watch glass may fog when the watch is exposed to a sudden drop in temperature. No problem is indicated if the fogging clears up relatively quickly. If the fogging does not clear or if water has gotten into the watch, take the watch in for repair immediately. • Continued use of the watch with water inside can result in damage to electronic and mechanical components, the face of the watch, etc. Band • Tightening the band too tightly can cause you to sweat and make it hard for air to pass under the band, which can lead to skin irritation. Do not fasten the band too tightly. There should be enough room between the band and your wrist so you can insert your finger. • Deterioration, rust, or corrosion of the band can cause it to break, which may result in the watch falling off your wrist and becoming lost. Be sure to take good care of the band and keep it clean. Should you notice any breakage, discoloration, looseness or other problem with the band, immediately contact your original retailer or an authorized CASIO Service Center to have it checked, repaired, or replaced. Note that you will be charged for any repair or replacement of the band. Temperature • Never leave the watch on the dashboard of a car, near a heater, or in any other location that is subject to very high temperatures. Do not leave the watch where it will be exposed to very low temperatures, either. Temperature extremes can cause the watch to lose or gain time, to stop, or otherwise malfunction. Impact • Your watch is designed to w...

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