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Instruções de Operação Mountain Buggy, Modelo Urban Triple-U3204

Fabricante : Mountain Buggy
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If the product fails within the warranty period: Return it to the Authorized Dealer where purchased from. They will arrange for assessment and appropriate action during normal business hours. If you are unsure where to take stroller contact distributor in your country for instructions. Repairs and replacement parts: If stroller requires repair contact your authorised dealer or distributor, to obtain information and spare parts. If you are in a different country than where you purchased the product, please contact the distributor for the country where you purchased, as extra charges may apply. Please make sure product is clean. Unacceptably dirty products will not be handled. International Distributors Send the Warranty Registration Card to the distributor for the country of purchase. (If there is no distributor please send it to New Zealand.) NEW ZEALAND & HEAD OFFICE Freepost 191-029 (within New Zealand) P. O. Box 38-781,Wellington Mail Centre, New Zealand Ph: (04) 568 1590 or 0800 428 449 Fax: (04) 569 6239 email: enquiries@mountainbuggy.com AUSTRALIA Mountain Buggy Australia 223A East Boundary Road East Bentleigh,Victoria 3165,Australia Ph: (03) 9570 2833 Fax: (03) 9570 1362 email: info@mountainbuggy.com.au U.K. & IRELAND Mountain Buggy (UK) Ltd Mill Farm, Fairmile, Ottery St Mary Devon EX11 1LS, England Ph: ++44 01 404 815 555 or 07000 4 BUGGY (07000 428 449) Fax: ++44 01 404 815 444 email: info@mountainbuggy.co.uk EUROPE: One Tree Hill Postbus 4, 3130 AA Vlaardingen,The Netherlands Ph: ++31(0) 182 551895 Fax: ++31(0) 182 551457 email: info@onetreehill.nl JAPAN: Office U Corporation2-22-8, Higashi Kawaguchi, Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan 333-0801Ph: (048) 294 7211 Mob: (090) 3137 1234 Fax: (048) 297 7207SINGAPORE & HONG KONG: Mountain Buggy AsiaP.O. Box 603, 144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd #04-16-17, Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177Ph: (09) 416 8617 Fax: (09) 416 8617Email: mtnbuggy@singnet.com.sgUSA: Sycamore Kids Inc. 4562 Denrose Ct. Suite 2 Fort Collins, CO 80524 USA Toll Free Phone/Fax: 866 524 8805email: support@mountainbuggyusa.comCANADA: Mountain Buggy Canada Inc4298 Capilano Road, North Vancouver, B.C. V7R 4J7, CanadaToll Free Phone: 1866 MTNBUGGY (1866 686 28449) email: info@mountainbuggy.caSOUTH AFRICA: Suffolk Trading CCP.O. Box 46911, Glossderry 7702, South AfricaPh: ++27 11 485 3458 Fax: ++27 11 485 5273 email: isacks@iafrica. com Warranty Registration Congratulations on purchasing a Mountain Buggy®. To register for your 12 month warranty, please return this registration form to your distributor (see previous page). Please take a few moments to review the additional questions about your purchase. We would appreciate your replies so that we can continue to improve our product. Name: _____________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________ Phone: ______________________Email: _________________________________ This information will remain confidential to Mountain Buggy® only. Tick here if you do not wish to receive future marketing material. Model Number (under footplate): _______________________________________ Serial Number (under footplate): _______________________________________ Date of Purchase: ___________________________________________________ Purchased From: ____________________________________________________ Which accessories have you purchased for your Mountain Buggy®? Sleeping Bag Carseat Clip Storm Cover Sun Cover Travel Bag Handlebar Extension KiddyBoard™ Bumper Bar Hand Brake Pump Carrycot How did you find out about Mountain Buggy®? Magazine (Name) ____________ Show/Event (Name) ________________ Internet Friend/Family Other (please explain) _____________________________________________ What comes to mind when you hear the words Mountain Buggy®? What activities have you purchased your Mountain Buggy® for? Exercising Farming lifestyle Shopping Hiking Urban use Other (please explain) ________________________ The family member most influential in purchasing a Mountain Buggy® Mother Father Both Parents Grandparents Other (please explain) _____________________________________________ How important were the following factors in your purchase? 1=Very Important 2=Important 3=Not Very Important 4= Not Important Strength of Stroller NZ Made Weight of Stroller Safety Ease of Use General Appearance Ease of Folding Reputation of Brand/Product Accessories Available Off-Road Capability At time of purchase mother was _____________months pregnant, or had a _____________month old child. Additional Comments: _____________________________________________ ...

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