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Instruções de Operação Bosch, Modelo ROTAK 34

Fabricante : Bosch
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Fotos e especificações  Bosch  ROTAK 34
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Facilidade de uso

¦ Before using, always visually inspect to see that the blades, blade bolts and cutter assembly are not worn or damaged. Replace worn or damaged blades and bolts in sets to preserve balance. Mow only in daylight or in good artificial light. ¦ Avoid operating the lawnmower in wet grass, where feasible. Walk, never run. ¦ Never operate the appliance with defective guards or shields, or without safety device, for example deflectors and/or grass catchers in place. Mowing on banks can be dangerous: – Do not mow excessively steep slopes. – Always be sure of your footing on slopes or wet grass. – Mow across the face of slopes – never up and down. – Exercise extreme caution when changing direction on slopes. – Use extreme caution when stepping back or pulling the lawnmower towards you. – Never mow by pulling the mower towards you. ¦ Stop the blades if the lawnmower has to be tilted for transportation when crossing surfaces other than grass and when transporting the lawnmower to and from the area to be mowed. ¦ Do not tilt the machine when starting or switching on the motor, except if the machine has to be tilted for starting in long grass. In this case, do not tilt it more than absolutely necessary and tilt only the part which is away from the operator. Always ensure that both hands are in the operating position before returning the machine to the ground. ¦ Switch on the lawnmower according to instructions and with feet well away from the blades. ¦ Do not put hands or feet near or under rotating parts. Keep clear of discharge opening at all times. ¦ Never pick up or carry the lawnmower while the motor is running. Remove the plug from the socket: – whenever you leave the machine – before clearing a blockage – before checking, cleaning or working on the lawn- mower – after striking a foreign object. Inspect the lawn- mower for damage and make repairs as necessary – if the lawnmower starts to vibrate abnormally (check immediately). ¦ Keep all nuts, bolts and screws tight to be sure that the lawnmower is in safe working condition. ¦ Check the grass catcher frequently for wear or deterioration. Replace worn or damaged parts for safety. ¦ Ensure replacement parts fitted are Bosch approved. 12 • F016 L70 468 • 06.11 English - 1 Product Specification Lawnmower ROTAK 34 ROTAK 37 ROTAK 40 ROTAK 43 F016 L70 468 - Buch Seite 2 Mittwoch, 8. November 2006 4:13 16 Product Specification Lawnmower ROTAK 34 ROTAK 37 ROTAK 40 ROTAK 43 F016 L70 468 - Buch Seite 2 Mittwoch, 8. November 2006 4:13 16 Part number (typ) 3 600 H81 A.. 3 600 H81 B.. 3 600 H81 C.. 3 600 H81 D.. Rated power [W] 1300 1400 1600 1700 Blade width [cm] 34 37 40 43 Height of cut [mm] 20 – 70 20 – 70 20 – 70 20 – 70 Grassbox capacity [l] 40 40 50 50 Weight (max.) [kg] 11.0 11.2 13.2 13.5 Protection class / II / II / II / II Serial Number See serial No 13 (rating plate) on machine. Intended Use Operating Controls This product is intended for domestic lawn mowing. Introduction This manual gives instructions on the correct assembly and safe use of your machine. It is important that you read these instructions carefully. When fully assembled the machine weighs approximately between 11.0 and 13.5 kg. If necessary, obtain assistance to remove from packaging. Take care when carrying the mower to the lawn, as the blades are sharp. Delivered Items Carefully remove the machine from its packaging and check that you have all the following items: – Lawnmower with handle assembly – 1 Handle bottom – 2 Bolts – 2 Wing nuts – 2 Screws – 2 Grassbox parts (ROTAK 34/37) – 3 Grassbox parts (ROTAK 40/43) – 2 Cable clips – Cable restraint (if supplied separately) – Operating instructions When parts are missing or damaged, please contact your dealer. 1 Switch lever 2 Safety button 3 Handle top 4 Cable restraint** 5 Mains plug** 6 Grassbox 7 Deflector guard 8 Handle bottom 9 Ventilation slots 10 Wheels 11 Grass comb 12 Height of cut lever 13 Serial Number **Country specific Not all of the accessories illustrated or described are included as standard delivery. For Your Safety Warning! Switch off, remove plug from mains before adjusting, cleaning or if cable is cut, damaged or entangled. The blades continue to rotate for a few seconds after the machine is switched off. Caution – do not touch rotating blades. Electrical Safety Your machine is double insulated for safety and requires no earth connection. The operating voltage is 230 V AC, 50 Hz (for non-EU countries 220 V, 240 V as applicable). Only use approved extension cables. Contact your service agent for details. Extension cords/leads should only be used if they comply with H05VV-F, H05RN-F types or IEC type design (60227 IEC 53, 60245 IEC 57). 13 • F016 L70 468 • 06.11 English - 2 F016 L70 468 - Buch Seite 3 Mittwoch, 8. November 2006 4:13 16 F016 L70 468 - Buch Seite 3 Mittwoch, 8. November 2006 4:13 16 If you want to use an extension cable when operat-Snap together the grassbox ing your product, only the following cable dimension...

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