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Instruções de Operação Bosch, Modelo MMR08..

Fabricante : Bosch
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Continuous operation for cutting food finely, for beating egg whites and for whipping cream or intermittent operation for dicing e.g. onions or fruit as well as for crushing ice cubes. After using the appliance • Pull out the mains plug. • Remove the motor unit and cover. • Take out the tool, then remove the food. Cleaning J Electric shock risk Never immerse the motor unit in water and do not clean in the dishwasher. • Pull out the mains plug. • Wipe the motor unit with a damp cloth and then wipe dry. • Clean the tools, jug and cover in the dishwasher or with a brush under running water. Warning! Never clean the blades with bare hands. Use a brush. Take hold of the blades by the plastic handle only. б Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH en Note: If processing e.g. red cabbage, the plastic parts will become discoloured by a red film which can be removed with a few drops of cooking oil. After cutting onions or garlic, clean the jug immediately. Storing the appliance Fig. 7 • Wind the mains cable around the motor unit. Practical tips and recipes The following tips may help you operate the appliance more easily and obtain better results. Before using the appliance: - Before processing, cut meat, cheese, raw fruit or vegetables into approx. 1 cm/ / in cubes. - Wash herbs, remove stalks and dry briefly. - Chill cheese in the refrigerator. - Cut dry bread into pieces. - Remove gristle, bones and sinews from meat. - Before beating egg whites, ensure that the jug is grease-free and dry. Note: The times indicated in the following table are approximate values depending on the quantity and degree of fineness required. Shorter Smaller quantity and/or lower ON time degree of cutting Longer Larger quantity and/or higher ON time degree of cutting Food Tool Max. quantity Number of intervals (I) _ 2s ec ^ ’ _ 2 sec Time/ seconds Glass jug Plastic jug Parsley Blade 40 g 30 g 5-15 (I) Garlic, onions Blade 200 g 150 g 5-10 (I) Fruit/vegetables Blade 200 g 200 g 10-15 (I) Almonds/walnuts Blade 250 g 200 g OO^O s Cheese Blade 200 g 150 g OO^O s Meat Blade 200 g 200 g 15-25s Baby food Blade 200 g 200 g 1O-2Os Pancake mixture Blade 1.0 l 0.7 l З0-45s Cocktails Blade 1.5 l 0.8 l -5O s Crushed ice Ice crushing blade 200 g or approx. 8 ice cubes 4-6 (I) Egg whites Whipping (beating) disc 4 egg whites 6O-9Os Cream Whipping (beating) disc 400 ml 15-2Os Vegetable soup Ingredients 1 carrot and one small piece of celery, leek, courgettes, cauliflower or another type of vegetable, 1 medium-sized boiled potato, 3A l meat stock, parsley, basil (if required), salt, black pepper, 100 g sweet cream, 1 egg yolk Tool: Blade Preparation • Prepare, wash and cut the vegetables into large pieces. • Bring the meat stock and vegetables to the boil. • Pour the boiled soup and vegetables into the jug and puree. • Pour the pureed soup back into the pan and season with herbs, salt and pepper. • Mix egg yolk and sweet cream and stir into the soup. Do not allow to boil any longer. Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH 7 en Milk shake Ingredients 300 ml old milk, 100 g strawberries or other fruit, a few drops of vanilla essence +1 tbs of sugar, 2-3 tbs. vanilla ice cream Tool: Blade Preparation • Put all ingredients in the jug and blend for approx. 30 sec. Serve immediately. Salad dressing Ingredients 200 g soured cream, 200 g yoghurt, 3 garlic cloves, 2-3 tbs. tomato sauce, pinch of salt, sugar, 3-6 tbs. vinegar Tool: Bla...

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