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Instruções de Operação Ativa, Modelo HD 800

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Never feed more than one credit card or CD/DVD at a time. 1) Hold the CD/DVD by the edge and feed one at a time, releasing when shredding begins. 2) Shredder will stop when the entire disc has been destroyed. OPERATION: ON: This setting allows the shredder to be automatically started by inserting paper into the shred opening. Always feed the paper in as straight as possible. Paper feeds from both left and right sides. When the paper has passed through, the shredder will automatically stop. (FIGURE 2) REV: In the unlikely event of a paper jam, the reverse setting can be used to help clear thecutters of paper that has not passed through. Never attempt to clear a jam by usingthe reverse function until you have emptied the wastebasket. (FIGURE 2) FW: The forward setting can also be used to help clear the cutters in the event of a paper jam. This allows to manually activate the shredder into cutting mode. (FIGURE 2) Never shred plastic any hard materials, continuous forms, newsprint, or anything withadhesives including labels and envelopes. While this shredder will shred staples, it is recommended that you remove them whenever possible inorder to extend the life of your shredder. Only shred credit cards and CDs by feeding them vertically within the designated area. Never feed more than one credit card at a time. LCD Status indicators: Door OpenPaper OverloadOverheat Basket Full Auto-On MAINTENANCE: Keep your shredder running with ultimate reliability with the following Ativa shredder supplies: Shredder Lubricant SheetsTo quickly and conveniently maintain shredder blade lubrication, use a Shredder Lubricant Sheet once a month. Shredder OilApply a bead of this lubricant across a sheet of paper once a month and shred it. It helps to keep theshredder blades operating well over many years of use. Shredder BagsShredder bags make emptying basket faster and easier while reducing shred dust and spillage. CLEANING: • ALWAYS UNPLUG THE SHREDDER BEFORE CLEANING! • Only clean the shredder by carefully wiping the unit with a dry soft cloth or towel. • Do not clean or immerse shredder in water. Having the unit wet may result in damage or malfunction to the electrical components. If the shredder happens to get wet, be sure to completely dry the unit immediately with a cloth or towel. • Never use anything flammable to clean the shredder. This may result in serious injury or damage to the product. Oil the shredder blades every month with recommended lubricant sheets (Office Depot item number 340-960) or oil (Office Depot item number 285-661). Do not spray or keep any aerosol products in or around shredder. DO NOT USE CANNED AIR ON SHREDDER. Make sure the basket door is securely closed shut. This shredder features a safety power cut off and will notoperate if door is open. Shredders with pull-out wastebaskets feature a safety power cut off upon binremoval. (FIGURE 1) A socket-outlet should be near the equipment and be easily accessible. Connect the power cord to any standard 120 volt AC outlet. It is not designed to operate with any other wastebaskets. An activation switch located on the head unitautomatically shuts off the shredder when it is lifted or removed. The supplied wastebasket activates thisswitch, which allows the shredder to be operable. Lining the wastebasket with a plastic bag will interfere and may keep the shredder from functioning. Caution: Crosscut shredders have very sharp exposed blades on the underside. Use care when handling the shredder and the wastebasket. INSTALLATION: 21 FIGURE 1 Continued on next page Continued on next page Operating InstructionsInstallation OperationWarningTrouble Shooting Paper ShreddersLimited Product Warranty *ONE FOLDED SHEET OF PAPER EQUATES TO 2 SHEETS OF PAPERHeavier paper, humidity or other than rate voltage may reduce capacity. Sheet Capacity 25 sheets of20lb. bond paper* Paper Entry Width 9.1 in. / 230 mm Paper Shred Size 0.16 in. x 1.50 in. pieces4.0 mm x 38.1 mm pieces Credit Card and CD Capacity 1 at a time Voltage 120V/60Hz – 6.0A OPERATION: ShredSafe™ technology is an added safety feature incorporated in this particular model. It is a new technology where the shredder is able to detect forced entry and automatically cuts the power off, preventing further shredding. To begin shredding, locate the switch on the unit and select the “ON” mode (FIGURE 2). The Green LED light indicates the shredder is “On” and ready to use. Press the designated “push open” area on cover to tilt open and expose the paper feed slot (FIGURE 3). The cover will click into a preset position for safe shredding.* Paper feeds from both left and right sides. With the feed slot now open, you can shred sheets of paper (FIGURE 4). When shredding is completed, you can press the designated “push close” area on the cover to tilt shutthe paper feed slot (FIGURE 5). It is recommended to have the paper feed slot closed when shredder isnot in use. This will prevent any objects from getting into the feed slot and a...

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