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Instruções de Operação Pride Mobility, Modelo Quantum 614

Fabricante : Pride Mobility
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BLACK (-) cables must be connected to negative (-) battery terminals/posts. Protective caps should be installed over all battery terminals. REPLACE cables immediately if damaged. I I . S A F E T Y II. SAFETY Prescription Drugs/Physical Limitations Users must exercise care and common sense when operating a power chair. This includes awareness of safety issues when taking prescribed or over-the-counter drugs or when the user has specific physical limitations. WARNING! Consult your physician if you are taking prescribed or over-the-counter medication or if you have certain physical limitations. Some medications and limitations may impair your ability to operate your power chair in a safe manner. Alcohol/Smoking The power chair user must exercise care and common sense when operating his/her power chair. This includes awareness of safety issues while under the influence of alcohol or while smoking. WARNING! Do not operate your power chair while you are under the influence of alcohol, as this may impair your ability to operate your power chair in a safe manner. WARNING! Pride strongly recommends that you do not smoke cigarettes while seated in your power chair, although the power chair has passed the necessary testing requirements for cigarette smoking. You must adhere to the following safety guidelines if you decide to smoke cigarettes while seated in your power chair. • Do not leave lit cigarettes unattended. • Keep ashtrays a safe distance from the seat cushions. • Always make sure cigarettes are completely extinguished before disposal. Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency Interference (EMI/RFI) WARNING! Laboratory tests have shown that electromagnetic and radio frequency waves can have an adverse affect on the performance of electrically-powered mobility vehicles. Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency Interference can come from sources such as cellular phones, mobile two- way radios (such as walkie-talkies), radio stations, TV stations, amateur radio (HAM) transmitters, wireless computer links, microwave signals, paging transmitters, and medium-range mobile transceivers used by emergencyvehicles. In some cases, these waves can cause unintended movement or damage to the control system. Everyelectrically-powered mobility vehicle has an immunity (or resistance) to EMI. The higher the immunity level, thegreater the protection against EMI. This product has been tested and has passed at an immunity level of 20 V/m. WARNING! Be aware that cell phones, two-way radios, laptops, and other types of radiotransmitters may cause unintended movement of your electrically-powered mobility vehicledue to EMI. Exercise caution when using any of these items while operating your mobilityvehicle and avoid coming into close proximity of radio and TV stations. WARNING! The addition of accessories or components to the electrically-powered mobility vehicle can increase the susceptibility of the vehicle to EMI. Do not modify your power chair in any way not authorized by Pride. WARNING! The electrically-powered mobility vehicle itself can disturb the performance of other electrical devices located nearby, such as alarm systems. NOTE: For further information on EMI/RFI, go to the Resource Center on If unintended motion or brake release occurs, turn your power chair off as soon as it is safe to do so. Contact your Quantum Rehab Provider to report the incident. Quantum 614 Series 18 Quantum 614 Series SEATBACK RELEASE LEVER III. YOUR POWER CHAIR THE QUANTUM 614 SERIES Your power chair has two main assemblies: the seat assembly and the power base assembly. See figure 5. Typically, the seat assembly includes the armrests, seatback, and seat base. The power base assembly includes two motor/ brake assemblies, two drive wheels, four caster wheels, two batteries, and wiring harnesses. See figures 5, 6, and 7. Figure 5. The Quantum 614 Series Power Chair REAR SHROUD DRIVE WHEEL CASTER WHEEL FRONT RIGGING (FOOT PLATFORM SHOWN) CASTER WHEEL SEATBACK JOYSTICK SEAT BASE ARMREST CONTROLLER SEAT ASSEMBLY POWER BASE ASSEMBLY Quantum 614 Series 19 Figure 6. The Quantum 614 Series Power Base TRAPEZE BARS FRONT COVER III. YOUR POWER CHAIR Electrical components The electrical components are located on or inside the power base. The main circuit breaker is located on the front of the power base. The power module is located inside the power base. See figure 7. Motor Connectors: This is where the controller connects to the motors. Battery Connector: This is where the controller connects to the batteries. Controller Connector: This is where the controller connects to the power module or power base. Each controller uses a different type of harness. Regardless of which type of controller is used, the harness must be secured to the seat assembly and not allowed to drag on the floor. 20 Quantum 614 Series REAR SHROUD REMOVAL FRONT SHROUD III. YOUR POWER CHAIR M...

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