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Instruções de Operação Bosch, Modelo DKE655D/06

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Accordingly, you may find descriptions of individual features that do not apply to your specific appliance. . This extractor hood complies with all relevant safety regulations. Repairs should only be carried out by qualified specialists. Improperly executed repairs can give rise to significant hazards for the user. . Before using your new appliance, please read these Instructions for Use carefully. They contain important information concerning your personal safety as well as on use and care of the appliance. . Please keep the operating and installation instructions in a safe place; this important documentation may also be of use to a possible subsequent owner. Do not use the appliance if it is damaged in any way The appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirmed persons without supervision. Young children should be supervised to ensure they do not play with the appliance. If the connecting cable for this appliance is damaged, the cable must be replaced by the manufacturer or his customer service or a similarly qualified person in order to prevent serious injury to the user. The appliance should only be connected up to the mains and taken into use by a qualified specialist. Dispose of packaging materials properly (see Installation instructions). Light bulbs must always be fitted when the extractor hood is in use. Defective bulbs should be replaced immediately to prevent the remaining bulbs from overloading. Never operate the extractor hood without a grease filter. Overheated fat or oil can easily catch fire. If you are cooking with fat or oil, e.g. chips, etc., never leave the cooker unattended. ! ! Do not flambe food directly under the extractor hood. Risk of grease filter catching fire due to flames. Restrictions apply to the use of the extractor hood over a solid-fuel burner (coal, wood, etc.). (See Installation instructions). Gas hobs / gas cookers Always use gas hobs in a proper and safe manner. Important: The flames from the gas hob must always be covered by pots or pans. ! ! The intense heat generated by the gas flames could cause damage to the extractor hood. If you encounter a problem If you have any questions or if a fault occurs, please call Customer Service. (See list of Customer Service representatives). When you call, please quote the following: E-Nr. FD Enter the relevant numbers into the box above. The E-Nr. (product no.) and FD (production date) are shown on the nameplate which can be seen inside the extractor hood after the filter frame has been detached. Operating procedure The most effective method of removing vapours produced during cooking is to: . Switch the ventilator ON as soon as you begin cooking. . Switch the ventilator OFF a few minutes after you have finished cooking. Light Fan settings Fan OFF Intensive setting Setting the required fan speed: . Press the corresponding button. Switching the fan OFF: . Press the 0 button. Intensive setting: To obtain maximum power, press the “Intensive setting” button . This setting is required only briefly. Lighting: . Press the abutton to switch the light on or off. . The light can be switched on at any time, even though the fan is switched off. Filters and maintenance Grease filters: Metal filters are used to trap the greasy element of the vapours that develop during cooking. The filter mats are made from noncombustible metal. Caution: As the filter becomes more and more saturated with grease, not only does the risk of it catching fire increase but the efficiency of the extractor hood can also be adversely affected. Important: By cleaning the metal grease filters at appropriate intervals, the possibility of them catching fire as a result of a build-up of heat such as occurs when deep-fat frying or roasting is taking place, is reduced. Cleaning the metal grease filters: . In normal operation (1 to 2 hours daily), the metal grease filter must be cleaned after 8 to 10 weeks. . The filters can be cleaned in a dishwasher. It is however possible that they will become slightly discoloured. Important: Metal filters that are saturated with grease should not be washed together with other dishes etc. . When cleaning the filters by hand, soak them in hot soapy water first of all. Then brush the filters clean, rinse them thoroughly and leave the water to drain off. 17 Removing and inserting the metal grease filters: Warning: The halogen bulbs must be switched off and cool. 1. Press the catch on the grease filters inwards and fold the filters down. Activated carbon filter: For neutralizing odours in recirculating mode. Inserting the filter: Warning: The halogen bulbs must be switched off and cool. 1. Remove the metal filters (see "Removing and inserting the metal grease filters"). 2. Insert the activated carbon filter. Filters and maintenance 3. Engage the lug at the front. 4. Insert the metal grease filters (see "Removing and inserting the metal grease filters"). Removing the filter: Warning: The halogen bulbs must be switched...

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