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Instruções de Operação Lenmar Enterprises, Modelo OmniSource BCR336

Fabricante : Lenmar Enterprises
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Place the magnetic temperature sensor on top of the battery being charged. Special Instructions For Charging Sharp BT-30N Or Lenmar SBT30 Type Battery: As shown in diagram 1, open the hinged jaw on the charger to unlock the moveable contacts and move contact “A” as far to the right as it will go. Position contact “B” so that it is 3/8 inches left from the tip of “A”. Close and lock the hinged jaw. Slide Guide “C” out so that it hangs over the end of the charger by . inch. As shown in diagram 2, remove the guide fence “D”. To place the battery onto the charger, hold as shown and align the contacts on the battery to the contacts on the charger, and lay the battery flat on top of the charger. The charger should emit a short beep and begin charging. If it makes a long continuous beep, see section titled “Reversed Polarity” above. As shown in diagram 3, place the magnetic temperature sensor on top of the battery (optional). If the battery has End or Side contacts Open the hinged jaw on the charger to unlock the moveable contacts. Pull up on the charger contacts to raise them above the top deck of the charger and expose the side facing contacts. Set the battery to be charged on the deck of the charger and against the fence (marked “D”) with its contacts facing the charger’s contacts. For large batteries or in some circumstances, the “D” fence may need to be reversed or removed to make more room for the battery. The same is true for the smaller “C” fence. Adjust the charger contacts up, down, left or right to line up with the contacts on the battery properly. When you are satisfied with the contact locations, close and latch the hinged jaw to lock the charger contacts into place. Set the battery down on top of the charger and slide the battery forward against the charger contacts to make good connection with the battery. Place the magnetic temperature sensor on top of the battery being charged. Connecting to other batteries Many rechargeable hobby batteries used for R/C (remote control) toys can plug directly into the charger on the end of the charger next to the power input connector. This is a standard connector and will fit many makes and types of hobby battery packs. For all other battery types, the optional clip lead will be. Plug the connector end of the clip leads into the charger base at the end next to the power input connector. Use the alligator clips onto the exposed contacts on the battery to be charged. Be careful not to crush or deform spring contacts made of bent sheet metal. Place the magnetic temperature sensor on top of the battery being charged. The charge status display Once the charger unit has beeped to verify the battery is making proper contact, the charge indicator on the side of the unit will show the progress of the charge. Charge Status Display Indicators• ( .. = off, .. = on ) Charge Level Yellow LED only (Flashing) ....• 0-33% Yellow + 1 Red LED ....• 33-66% Yellow + 2 Red LED’s ....• 66-99% Red LED only ....• Full / Complete The charger will automatically stop the charge and beep when a full charge is detected on the battery. The charge indicator will show only 1 Red light to indicate the battery has reached full charge. The time required to reach a full charge will vary depending on the capacity of the battery and how much charge is already in it before you start. Reconditioning (for Ni-Cd type batteries only) NiCd batteries are prone to developing a “memory” if not occasionally fully discharged before they are recharged. No other types of batteries are subject to developing memory, so battery types other than NiCd should not be reconditioned. Make sure the unit is connected to power, and connect the NiCd battery to be reconditioned/recharged. Once the charger beeps to indicate that the battery is properly connected, briefly press the Discharge button on the front of the unit. The unit will beep 2 times and the green DISCHARGE light will go on. The DISCHARGE light will stay on until the battery is fully discharged, then the charger will switch automatically into the charge mode and charge the battery fully. Depending on the capacity of the battery and the amount of charge present, the discharge cycle could take many hours to complete. NOTE: You should only use the Discharge feature with a Ni-Cd type battery. Discharging other type batteries may cause damage to the battery’s ability to accept a full charge in the future. Battery Compatibility This charger will charge virtually any NiMH, NiCd, or Lead Acid battery, but is ideally suited for use with the following Lenmar batteries: CBE22, DLSP10, DMC50, OBC84S, SBT30 Limited 3 Year Warranty This limited warranty starts from the date of original purchase and expires 3 years thereafter. If any part, because of manufacturing defects or workmanship fails to function properly under normal use will be repaired at no charge for parts and labor or, at our option, the product will be replaced. The following is excluded: damages from delay or lo...

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